Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello and welcome to another week of pure surf. We still having a swell with direction of 212*. Some big waves still coming during the low tide. The offshore wind blow hard sometime, but not more than thirteen knots per hour. Check the today action.

The direction of the swell was from 213* three days ago and the peak have better rights and not to many good lefts. Today this right was the best again, but we see some sick left.

The surfer in this wave is Gary Strailer. He is the shaper of Fresh Pineapple and he drop this wave with his board 5'10".

The "Kevin Cortez" just came back from the ISA world competition in Costa Rica. He and " El Chelito Jackson are making such a good work representing to our country in the international surf competitions.

Here is " El Chele Jackson" He is one of the most explosives rippers in the water. He can made good tricks in both directions.

I want to show you the two faces of this surfer. Jackson is a good ripper, but also him, Kevin and Rex Calderon are pushing the level in the Nicaragua surf contest making sick airs in their heats.

Well, this is why he is sponsored for R U C A and Shapeshifter surfboard. We are proud of you guys.

This year we have a lot of surfers girls coming to visit our beach and they are charging some waves. Is good to see you out there and share waves with your girls.

This swell is kinda weird. There are so many waves coming to the beach. The waves never stop working, I see a wave every second breaking. The eighty percent of the waves are closing, but there are the other twenty percent with A+ working between all the waves.

Here is my friend Seth, he is getting his morning pay for be a good father. Some tubitos everyday and he is ready to work and deal with the rest of the day.

Every wave have a tube, the right was the call today. The medium size waves were open a little more than usually, probably because the offshore wind.

I am watching this red board crossing the line up, I saw this tiny boy making tubes, cuts. He is super fast and a little crazy, he is going in every kind of wave without afraid.

If he can surf like this now, imagine how good surfer he will be in a few years!!!!....Here is a little monster...,,,..In good way.

There are people sit down and surfing just one way in all of the three peaks, they are waiting to his wave. Here is this man riding the left in the main peak. Is hard don't see him with that color board.

Bret is ripping the left in front the river mouth. Check his trick here in the radical part of the wave.

Ok. The high tide is good, the wave is a little softer, but still rolling good and probably more perfect because all the water in the beach. We go out just for catch some waves and be in shappe, so see ya there!!!. Armando Lopez is out.