Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 18, 2008

Did you get SHOT in Nicaragua today?  Click on the above image to find out.

First thing of the day we want to post this amazing photo of the sunrise this morning. We usually have killer sunset photos to end the day but today we want to start it with this sunrise shot.

Welcome everybody to the Monday surf report. This is Lucha Libre bringing you the action with my new friends from Jacksomeville Fl, so today we went up north to take a couple photos but the surfing conditions were not that good. Anyway we gave it a try and scored a few fun ones. It was chest high with some occasional shoulder high sets coming through, with light ON SHORE wind in the morning and a little bit stronger at noon. Check out what we had today.

Here is a shot of the Jacksomeville crew posing for the camera to remember this trip for ever. From left to right we have Greg K, Mackenzie and Mike C right after their first surf session in the morning.

On the first surfing shot of the day we have Mike C getting one of the few shacks of the day. He was really stoked to be out there in the right spot to catch this wave and explore the feeling of being in there.

But mike was kind of bummed and decided to hit a couple of waves. Here he is with a cool backside snap, this time on the left.

His buddy Mackezie hasn’t been surfing a lot lately but he was able to paddle out and ride a couple. Here he was caught on a clean right hander.

How about Greg “The ripper guy of the crew” C, he was destroying every single wave he caught today. Check him out on this left with a sick slash.  We got a bunch of shots of some other people out there today too.  Click on the image above to see if we shot you!

He was kind of aggressive out there with the wave, but the waves were doing their things as well "I mean the reef". Check out this shot and you will get it.

Always when the wind blows onshore the fish come out to the shore as well to find some baits. Today wasn’t the exception. This guy easily got dinner for 3 days with this 35 pounds Rooster Fish.

Alright folks, that’s all for today. We hope this guy can get a medallion on the next Olympic Games with this new category "El Salto de la Yuca". The surf it is supposed to be about the same tomorrow but hopefully we are going to have a new swell in the water on Wednesday with perfect wind conditions, god willing.