Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hi there, it´s ¨Lucha Libre¨here with the saturday surf report. Today we have one of the best swell we´ve had during this year and Nicaragua is going XXL. We have solid triple overhead on sets and the wind is perfect offshore!  We've even got Corey Lopez and Chris Ward in town for this swell, but I guess they didn't know about this spot today.  Here's one of the clean-up sets...ouch!

Here is Oliver ¨El Monito¨ Solis going big on a sick wave.  Oliver is hungry for the biggest sets and charges as hard as anybody.  Hey buddy, now you know what i was talking about.

Shot 2 (after the above)...Oliver, come on man, you have to pull into these!  Really though, take a look at this photo - that's a solid 10 footer, breaking top to bottom too!

We don't know who this guy is, but he grabbed a nice one and went backside.

There were some sick wipe outs, don't you believe me? Here is this shot to prove it. This is

Really though, we show a lot of photos of him falling, but it's only because Captain Moss CHARGES this place, always nabs the biggest and best waves and pulls into some mean barrels over shallow reef.  This was one of the best waves of the day, inside section.  JJ, where are you man!

Here's a crack-of-dawn shot of Lance, charging on one of the set waves.

Here comes Armando

Pancho Sanchez managed to take some time off from working and catch a couple of fun ones. Here he is, relaxed, safely out in front of the barrel section.

How about Mr Brown charging on the big sets, i though you can only gets barrels dude. This guy was catching some of the big ones too.

But the wipe outs were the main call of the day. Here Carlos

But Caliente wasn't really worry about that wipe out. Here he is seconds away from the barrel of the day. Get into that thing my friend!!!

This is Shapin from Giant foot village with a sweet bottom turn. That's a nice style!!! Isn't it?

Here's one last shot of Oliver (the kid takes lots of waves...) slotted on a set wave. Check out Lance, chilling out in the impact zone. Hmmm, now that's what we call a predicament. Actually, the wave closed out, and even though it detonated on Lance's head, he was stoked because Oliver straighted out and didn't kill him.

We surfed a reef in the morning, so it's time to surf the best beach break in Nicaragua. Is it really working?

Here is this unknown rider getting into the green room. We can gets some standing barrels out here today, but was so heavy to look for a couple of them.

Here is Chris Ward, taking advantage of his short break between contests and scoring some big, green, Nicaraguan Barrels. Welcome to Nicaragua Chris!

Here is

It was really going off today, here is this empty set coming through with no takers. It is always the same, nobody takes the best ones!!!

This is Broddie

Here's another shot of Chris, putting on a clinic and making it look too easy.  After watching a few waves, it's easy to see why he's currently ranked #16 on the WCT - he flat out rips.

More waves on tap for tomorrow, so please stay tuned with us. Pancho will be with you later!!!