Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hoi! This is Alex giving you today's surf report. The swell has been coming up a bit, producing sets in the shoulder to head high range. This morning had a little high tide backwash, light off shore breeze, and electric blue water. Check out this lovely day at the beach...

Many rippable lefts and rights were coming through with decent consistency. Check out the sweet shoulder this guy found on this left!

Waves like these will always attract a crowd, but the crowd was a bit lighter with the higher tide. Nice sand bars will always attract some gems with no takers!

The high tide clamped down some of the barrels, but there were some ramps offered. This surfer had a sick air!

There were still plenty of tube possibilities. This rider is in the sweet spot!

The rippable rights seemed pretty fun! This guy laid down a nice hack.

Plenty of waves coming through, and many of them getting ridden. The knee boarder on the outside found one of those gems!

This one came out of nowhere! Stoked to see this lucky man who managed to catch it.

The conditions seemed ideal for the ladies who were getting some waves. It's nice seeing members of the other gender in the lineup!

One of the few lefts that got away...

This right is getting properly utilized. Nice turn amigo!

Still, a few swells snuck past the line up and broke without the company of a surfer...

That's all I got today for you Nicaragua surf enthusiasts; I gotta go get in the water. Hopefully the swell will hold a bit into tomorrow, so be sure to check back to the most comprehensive daily Nicaraguan Surf Report. Cheers!