Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello folks, El Gran Varon Don Simon and young buck nasty Al delivering the report for today. We have waves running from chest to head high, overcast sky, and light off-shore winds. The high tide can make the waves less fun, so many surfers opted out of this session, but we have plenty of pictures to show why it might have been a good idea to paddle out this morning. 

There were definitely barrels to be had out there. This guy getting up close and personal with what could have been. Get in there buddy!

The locals, on the other hand, were having no problem finding themselves in the right spot. Getting deep!

It wasn't only barrels out there today. This wave got jacked up a few feet by the backwash but it doesn't seem to be phasing this backside assailant.

This is left freight-train came plowing in with no takers. What are you waiting for? Get out there!

This is Simon from Venezuela. He has been living in cold-watered New York and we can tell that he is stoked to raw dog some waves with no rubber on. Simon has been renting boards from the NSR shop. Don't want to deal with the hassle of shlepping your boards along on your travels? Check out our comprehensive quiver for rent on the website and save yourself some comfort and money!

Given the choice between going left or right. Which would you choose?

Plenty of fun waves coming though and this surfer put himself in the right spot to snag a sweet barrel. It's not big, but close to perfection. Nice one amigo!

There wasn't much battling going on today, with plenty of waves to feed the hungry. Good looking wave, even if you're taking off on the shoulder!

Here we have a local ripper throwing a nice floater. The nice waves and weather can be enjoyed by all, never a bad day to post up on the beach!

Ok gente, that is all we have for today. All these empty waves have have us ready to finish early and go for a surf. See you out there! El Gran Varon Don Simon and Al-dog checking out. Make sure to check back tomorrow!