Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Hello everybody and congrats on making it to Humpday! Welcome to the NSR surf report with Parker. The swell is filling in so check out some sweet shots from this morning!

Before we get down to business in the report, make sure you block off your Saturday night. At the office, we are busy preparing to make sure y'all have a good time. I know Armando said there would be 100 girls but that's just because he doesn't know to as many as I do... there will be at least 200!!

I wanted to check out our northern break and see what was going on there. I got there just in time for a nice set!

We had some solid wind gusts today but that's not a problem when it's straight offshore! It just makes the barrels even more hollow.

He scored that wave for 100+ yards, found a nice tube, and ripped the face... lucky guy! I have your entire sequence if you want it: [email protected].

Jason and Scott's family is visiting from Nova Scotia so they are stoked on the warm water. Their families are having a great time playing in the ocean, pool, and scheduling massages.

I looked up to find a gorgeous right without any takers. Come on guys!!!

I walked south to see what the conditions were doing there. With the low tide, the barrels were pumping. Keep scrolling down!

The offshores make the late drop a little easier. However, you still get a great thrill pulling in!

Not to mention the thrill of the tube you squeeze into...

But keep your speed up so you can punch through the last section. In order to brag to your friends, you need to make it out!

Simon paddled out again. I don't know why he uses face zink when he has been in the barrel for the last three days??

I know the tide is lower but clean up sets still roll through. Be careful (for your board's sake too!) when you're sitting inside.

There was a smaller peak a little north that produced solid rights. Seems like this guy already figured that out.

Yeah buddy!! Celebrating after the barrel is always in order.

If you run out of those pesky little travel shampoo bottles, just hop in the water around low tide like this surfer.

I understand that I'm biased but we have some of the prettiest water in Nicaragua! It doesn't look too shabby either when you're in one of our tubes looking out.

The water looks beautiful even when you blow your tail off the wave and throw the water around. Yeww!

Since we have a sand bottom, it frequently gets sucked up into the wave. I don't think this guy is complaining though...

With the tide turning around, the size will build. You will probably find more stand up tubes like this one!

It's time to finish up and head out there myself! Thank you all for checking in today and we will see you tomorrow. Adios amigos!!