Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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**(It usually takes a couple of days to get the photos added NSR Surf Shots.  Please check back often, we plan to add photos as they come in.)

Hi everybody, we are “Lucha Libre and Come Pan Panic” bringing you the action of the surf report from up north.  Today we headed out to one of the better spots in Nicaragua to take a bunch of killer photos of our friends from San Diego.  The waves were super fun and everybody was taking advantage of the perfect surf condition until about 1:00 pm because after that we had a big storm that came to kill the good surf we had in the morning.  Anyway, it was over head on sets, with off shore wind and the water was crystal clear in the morning.

Here we have a shot of the crew; from left to right we have Eddie “El Bobo”, Sean “Tarzan”, Joe “La Pantera Rosa” and Jackson “El Humilde” Mackenzie.  These guys paddled out first thing in the morning today and scored some really fun waves.  Check out what they got!!!

Before we forget, we have to mention that these guys are having a good vacation down here in Nicaragua surfing with their father. Here is Alec “El Jefe” working on the big panga.


This is Sean “Tarzan” taking off on a sweet right hander.  He was going fast on every single wave.  Maybe that was because he wasn't wearing weavy shorts.

Joe “La Pantera Rosa” was pulling into a couple of good barrels today, but he really loves to rip.  Here we caught a sick photo of one of the many snaps he did.

Jackson “El Humilde” was taking off on a couple of sizeable set waves as well but he definitely wanted to get shack in the afternoon session.  Here he is dropping in to a nice left.

The last part of the crew is Eddie “El Bobo” who was caught here grabbing the rail with a nice form on this wave.  These guys really had a good time with us today and they are thinking about to do another photo session in the future with us.

There were some mini bumps that rolled all the way in to the beach today and as always nobody was on the best one or maybe we should say “INTO” the best one.  What a shame!!!


A couple of great lefts came through as well, but this time somebody got a couple of them.  Check out this unknown rider on this beautiful wave.


Later on, Greg “La Panga” showed out to this spot and saw a few sick rights cracking and he was able to paddle out and he scored.  Sometimes we just want to yell “La Pangaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………!!!!

The waves should be fun tomorrow, so check back with us.