Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 01, 2014

Hola amigos, we’ve got the NSR Family here with your Friday surf report.  The surf is still in the small range, winds are nice offshore and the water is great.  Check it out!!!

If you want to take a break from surfing it is a great day to be and enjoy with your family.  Maybe in the pool!!!

Or on the beach, playing some sort of game.  By the way, we didn’t get to realize what they were playing but they were having a blast. 

Or go surfing with your papa.  What a great memory!!!

There were some nice little nuggets to be taken for sure.  Cruising on a nice lefty!!!

Beautiful rights were rolling in as well.  What a day for the big pangas!

Or even to go out and learn how to surf.  If you want to give you a better opportunity to learn we have the best surf school in the whole country.  We’ll get your surf going for sure!!!  Don't give up amigo.

If you don’t have your family, you share some time with the good friends.  These two are very tight friends, maybe too tight that they want to be close to each other even when they surf.

We want to give and special shout to this crew from Cali and FL.  They are all having a great time here with NSR, great house, nice meals, sweet transport and good vibe..  Welcome down amigos.  Peace!!!