Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hola amigos. Eric here checkin' in with your Sunday surf report. We got out to the beach in the afternoon and the waves were head high plus, the offshore winds were pretty light, making for some glassy conditions with more barrels to be had. The waves were closing out a bit when we first pulled up, but as it got closer to sunset they started getting more makeable.

This is Dean, he's staying with us here at NSR in San Juan Del Sur. He took his bodyboard out instead of the surfboard and pulled into a couple of sweet waves. This was one of the good ones that started coming through as it got a little later.

Pancho paddled out with a camera mounted on his board and pulled into a bunch of frontside tubes.

Here's another shot of pancho racing down a nice left. This wave would jack up right at the take off, barrel and then wall up so you could rip a good turn.

Lance just got back in town today and came out to the beach with us. Him and his wife are here on their honeymoon but Lance is still logging some time and some tubes!

That's Pancho again pulling under the lip of a sick left! He was one of three guys in the water tonight and it seemed like he was on every set that came through.

Lance pulling in on one of the bigger waves of the session. It looks like he might have some trouble finding a way out of this shack!

Dean's brother Brent paddled out and got rocked by one of the sets that slammed into the sandbar. His leash on his bodyboard snapped, one of his fins got ripped off of his foot (he didn't get it back) and his shorts got torn down to his ankles. Here he's showing his bro who is laughing at him.

At the end of the session, everyone had a smile on and the waves were still pumping! Be sure and check back to NSR tomorrow for more coverage

Stay classy Nicaragua. Eric out!