Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hola amigos, today we stayed down south to surf some small but fun waves.  Waist high lines were rolling in, winds were nice offshore and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

Make a stop by the nsr shop and check out these hand crafted handplanes perfect for enjoying the smaller waves. They are made locally with Nanciton, Santa Maria, and Teak sustainably harvested Nicaraguan precious timber and work great! Check out yesterday's surf report for some handplanes action from the crew!!

A few chicks made it out and they were taking advantage of the small surf.  Way to go muchacha!

Beautiful lines were rolling and everyone out there was having a great time.  We had mostly beginners in the lineup and they loved it!

We decided to go out with the draining tide, hoping to get better conditions and we did.  Nice peeler, isn't it?

The waves are going to stay in the small range for the next few days but we are expecting plenty of swell for the next two weeks or so.  Yeeeewwww!!!

People is going to be camping out, waiting for some swell.  Are you gonna make it down?  Let us know and we'll hook you up.  Peace!!!