Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just another fun and sick day in Nicaragua.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and killer water.  Check it out!

Everyone out there was having a blast.  Kenny got out super early and he scored some nice ones.

I was hanging around with CJ from Chicago today.  He's been only surfing for 3 years and he's doing pretty well.

Lot of rippers were out in the lineup and they were doing their thing.  Peter styling off on his frontside at first peak.

We want to give a special shout out to Sabana, who made it out for a little while today.  We have to say that she killed it.

Mel Melon Comelon Melocoton had a ride with me and made it out to rip some sections.  Check him out workin' on his aerial skills.

Mel wasn't the only one flying all over.  This is Christian from Brazil with a solid punt.

The new version of a floater.  Austin trying to land it.

Mr Longobuco made it out for a a couple minutes.  Enough to shred on some nice waves.

There is always some nice wipeouts to shoot.  Kaboommmmmmm!!!

Chris was doing his thing at first peak as well.  Hacking it!

Ara on the last shot from this spot.  Looking good amigo!

We drove a little bit to get some shacks and found the Surfari Crew having a blast. Captain Moss working on his backside tube ride.

Jimmy also pulled into some gems.  Going big on a deep section.

Mr Chico was out and he was attaking some nice sections.  Throwing buckets all over.

And Trino on the last shot of the day.  The waves are supposed to be about the same tomorrow but we are expecting to get the new swell by Monday.  Hoping to score some big bombas.  Stay tuned.