Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 26, 2013

Another fun day in Nicaragua.  Got up and headed out to one of my favorite spots up the coast and this is what I found.  Head high barrels, sweet offshore winds and great water temperature.  Check it out!!!

The lefts were totaly dominating the lineup today.  All the goofy footer loved it.  Even the inside section was super fun.

Mr Albert got one of the very few rights we had out there. Actually he got a nice little barrel on this one.  Setting up!

The regular footers were showing off on their backhand skills.  Stalling in!

A couple of Puerto Rican surfers and visiting right now and they all were shredding up.  This is Chu-chu with one of the better barrels of the day.  Check out this sequence, shot 1, hand-draggin' it!!!

Shot 2, setting up!

Shot 3, a couple of shots later.  Getting deeper!

Shot 4, and even deeper!

Shot 5, bunch of shots later.  Goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

And out, after the second barrel section he had.  That was sick Eduardo!

We had some locals in the lineup doing their things.  Oscar trying out some new aerial maneuvers.  Do not giveup chabalo!

Elvin El Chocoyito Zapoyol was spending some time in the barrel.  You gotta love this one Chocoyo.

Lester El Sopay was ripping hard as well.  About to throw the lip of the back on this section.

Mel Melon Comelon Melocoton was also ripping all over.  Yeah Melvinnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Gustavo from Brazil has been down for a few days and he is ready to get back home tonight.  He said, he had a wonderful week.

Gustavo wasn't the only Brazilian surfer we had ripping out there.  This dude got into some sicky ones.  Here is one little sequence to check!

Shot 2, standing tall!

A couple of shots later. still going!

Woooo, is he coming out of this one?  What do you guys think?

Looking for the door.  Yewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Yeahh man, you had to claim that one!  We have a couple of sick shots, let us know if you want to check them out.

It was a great day to have a blast with your family as well.  Ijjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Quite a few chicks got to the beach.  Georgeana La Nicatica Rica Pacheco with a solid ride all the way in.

What a great day we had, and it is not overed yet.  Hard to tell who is getting pitted, but it is a nice shot to post.

We kept ripping all day long.  Casa Isabelle's guest, doing his thing!

Adios, please check back tomorrow.