Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 23, 2022

Saturday vibes in full effect today! Chill weekend with some small but fun waves and the chicas dominating the lineup. Check it out..

These girls were having a little heat out there looked like some friendly competition with the different color rashies and they even had a scoreboard on the beach too

Not sure who the winner was for the heat but it looked like they all could've taken the W as they were all surfing well

If I had a vote I might have given it to red shirt as she was surfing with some style and you could see she's been putting the work in

Cova out there scoring some waves, not part of the heat but still getting down!

Grom time!! Yeah dontcha just love to see it!

Only a matter of time until you see Lindsey with her two girls out there shredding the competition

Istiana another one of the groms out here scoring some fun ones too

Jonathon is an Ace on the Vball court and from what I hear even better with a racket in his hand, multi talented guy here he is scoring some waves too

The Dudey!!

Asher surfing is on another level, here he is above the lip

Gaby has been putting in the work too and it shows look at that nice wave peeling out in front, I remember it was just a year or so ago when she took her first surf lesson.. the rest is history

Lots of fun waves on tap this morning before the high tide hit

I wonder how many times the legend Carlos has made the report.. more than you can count I'm sure.. Here he is again flying high like a bird like a bird in the sky.. I think that's just about as good a shot as any to end it on. Cheers ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for some more highlights and the happenings around the hood. Cheers