Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 22, 2022

Welcome back to the daily surf report! It's a funky Friday with the weather being a little overcast and the waves having a bit more texture than normal but hoping the winds turn offshore this afternoon when the tide drops and maybe it gets super fun, for the morning we still had some fun rippable waves. Check it out..

It was the morning of the girl rippers and they were out in numbers and shredding.

This girl looks like she is on her way to being pro as she has been in the water everytime I check and making the surf look good too

The waves as I'm looking through the photos are looking extra glassy actually and the interval pretty short so it was rapid fire waves.

Lots of waves and not a lot of people out in the lineup so the ones that were out there were scoring back to back to back to back

That's a stoked surfer!

Lots of corners and some ramps out there this morning too, check this guy out fins out hands up yeeee

Asher is one of those that were hitting the ramps out there this morning

Asher again punching lips like Tyson punching faces

These shots from this morning were just about the dead high tide so there was a lot of water moving around out there and even more water moving around after cutbacks like this one!

Super playful waves

Even a little head dip too! Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today. We'll be back tomorrow with some more highlights for your viewing pleasure. Cheers