Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 23, 2007

Hi and welcome to the surf report for today, it's chest to shoulder high on sets and the wind is offshore out here at Maderas today. The water is super clear, so if you don't want to suf you can go out diving. Check it out.

There were a couple of good sets coming in. Calos Caliente scored one of the best on the longboard.


We'd like to let you know about Codo's surf lessons. Learn from one of the best freesurfer we have in town. For any information ask at CASA FELIZ in San Juan del Sur or call him to his personal cellphone: 469-9513.

Come on young Rex we have a contest the next weekend and you broke your little baby. Good luck buddy!!!

Hey Rexito, watch out for your best friend. He was killing it today,

That's all for today folks!! Check back tomorrow.