Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 23, 2006

One of the coolest things about traveling are the things you get to see along the way. Like the pet Iguana on this kids shoulder. We made it to San Blas and it was small, windy and rainy. Spend the night tonight and off to Puerta Vallarta tomorrow.

Hey this is annie with the report for today. We are at Maderas with some chest high waves and a ton of people out. It was small, but it was super fun, and as always, the wind was blowing offshore.

Everybody was out today. Here is Kambute, the waterman, throwing some.

Alberto getting some air time.

Coki, the lady killer himself, with the wave of the day. We'll make sure the ladies see this one. He is a stud, isn't he. That long flowing hair of his, and the way he just pulls in...mmmmm.

Even Kai Man paddled out to catch a few. And ladies, Kai does like older women.

And guys, this one looks like she is ready...Roberto getting artistic for us.

And this is what happens in Nicaragua when you trip...

and fall into a hole.

Sometimes you get lucky though, and get one of those magical boards. Thanks BY. Go Yinger. Check back tomorrow and see what surf we find. In the meantime, watch out for open manholes.