Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi folks, we are Chuck "El Presidente" Zauzig and Lucha "The Mayor" Libre bringing you the Thursday surf report.  Everyone woke up to sunshine and a cleaned up storn surf.  Check out the morning lineup.  The waves were kind of fun during the morning,running about chest to head high with a couple over head waves on sets and the wind was light off shore but then switched around to onshore.   

The Beez screams down this perfect right.  Allen got his fair share of waves today.

This is the last day for El Presidente down here, so today we woke super early to score some waves.  We have to say that he was charging taking lefts and rights.  By the way his spanish is becoming excelente!

Here we have "El Presidente" this time going right.  This is a pretty nice sized wave but you can not notice it because he's 6'6" tall.  On Sitos that will be double overhead!!!

Rick working on his bottom style.  Sweet bottom turn, uh!

Enano(jeff) and Mariposa(bob), both of you delicate little pansies should be here.  I know you guys think he didn't make it but he dit it!

Cebollas, this is Mr Stick's big brother-he want's to know why you smuggled his little brother out of the country.  You have to know Mr Stick's mother is crying a lot!  

Classic Playa Colorado.

Check out this air on the inside.  Looks like this little kid was having a blast out there.

Meanwhile a few guys were trying to stay in the air, other ones were just trying to get shacked.  Nice try dude!

This is Charles Willian about to get drained on this nice looking left.  After this wave he ended up on the beach with a hurt knee. 

Here I caught this unknown rider digging a deep bottom turn on one of the biggest set waves of the morning.  Check out the lip of that thing!    

Alright folks, the conditions are supposed to be about the same tomorrow but we are hoping to get offshore winds all day long.  El Presidente  and The mayor signing out with the postcard shot of the day!

Our buddy Mike from Nica Waves sent us a couple shots from Popoyo and we wanted to throw a couples in.  Sometimes you gotta go in chocolate brown water if you want to surf some good waves.

Check out this dude, scoring a nice face down the line.  Even if the water is not crystal blue, it is still a sick wave.  Hit on this photo and make sure to check NICAWAVES.COM.  Thanks for the pics Mike, keep up the good work!