Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 22, 2006

Travel day - wake up, pack, hit the road. Today its off for a place called San Blas. Its a good travel day because the waves are small. There is also a storm said to be forming off the coast. Carl dreams of cliff diving in Acapulco.

Actually, Puerta Vallarta was closer than we thought and we made it tonight! We are sure we passed a lot of good surf spots on the way, but when there are no waves, you gotta keep on gettin on. This is Hot Carl and I after a 6 hour drive, enjoying a

This is Roberto with the surf report for today, we have many chicks out there. It's head high on sets and the wind is offshore.

Today we have the crew from LIQUID ELEMENT, this is their first trip down here in Nicaragua. Welcome and have a good time, this is Darryl.

Here is Layla.

And this chick was killing it. She is Alex.

Another chick, this one was charging on the set waves.

Alex again, Did I say killing it?

Check back tomorrow.