Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 21, 2022

Hey everybody welcome back to the daily surf report from your pals here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. The Code Red 2 swell that was hitting us hard over the last few days has begun to settle a bit and now we got some playful fun waves.

Super fun non-consequential waves rolling through after a few days of XL swell is a welcome sight for those that don't like the massive waves and those that are starting to feel a bit surfed out after that epicness

Don't get me wrong it's not small, it's just more in the playful and fun size. Here is Buzz at low tide making that bottom turn on a nice head high wave

This dude with the yellow shirt was ripping today, making barrels and smacking lips!

Howz that nose riding on a shortboard! Yeeeew buddy having fun out there today

Some people stay floating through life on cloud 9, this is my kinda floating on cloud 9 right here

Some A-Frames coming too, we got some new swell coming in on Tuesday but we should still have some fun sized waves until then

Tom out there scoring some waves in his home away from home, you know you live in a good spot for surf when you got so many surfers coming from Hawaii to hit the spot

Mystery Barrel Surfer of the Day!!

Dudey Carlos going out for a surf, no action shots today for my guy because he was arriving as I was getting ready to go but I'm sure he got some fun ones too.

Thursday vibes in full effect

Time to hit the gas on this one, pump up the volume lol

Sam and Canela out for a daytime beach walk, is the pupper shy she hiding behind Sam lol.. Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today. We will be back with some more highlights for ya manana. Until then adios amigos