Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello folks. Today was a cloudy Sunday with off-shore winds. The waves ran from shoulder to head high+ with the rights stealing the show. The waves marched in every 15 minutes with the sets catching most people out of position.

It wasn't too heavy out there, but they were shaping up nicely. There were barrels to be had, as we can see in the photo. In the slot!

This guy is getting deep on this one. Who has the better view, the rider or the dude on the inside?

Eithan has been staying with the grom-froth-pack at the Kerson's. These guys have been out here ripping on the daily. Eithan is a little, but not scared to pull in. Yeah buddy! 

There were also some barrels to be had down the line. This rider racing through a cheeky one on the inside.

If you heard the waves weren't fun today, it must have been from someone who wasn't in the right spot! Come on now guys, get on it!

Kei is another of the young rippers staying at Casa de Kerson's. Out here it is possible to do more than just get barreled. Kei working on his air game in the midst off-shore barrels. yewww.

There were some triple over-head sets coming in! Just kidding. Eithan is just a mere boy, but was showing the older guys how to bottom turn on a meaty one.

Micky is yet another surf-endowed grom staying at Casa de Kerson's. He is down here for the season, and it has really showed in his surfing. He knows where to be and consistently gets a piece of the better waves that come in. Look at the shape on this one!

The swell was supposed to drop today, but there were still great sets like this one rolling in all day. We saw 4 or 5 of these in a row go unridden. I can imagine how many of you are looking at this wave and are mind-surfing it and want the possibility to be out there. We want the same thing. I almost had to trade the camera for a board and get out there myself!

There is a time to surf, and there is a time to hang out with friends with a BBQ and some cold ones. At the NSR Beach House, you can do both.

Ok amigos, we are sorry for getting the report up late today, but we had to get out there after watching all those unridden waves. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for the days action! Codo Lopez and Don Simon are out for the count.

Just in, big shout out to Captain Jasco of the Marlindo for hooking this monster wahoo today.  Save some for us buddy and keep up the good work.