Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hola hola I hope you are all having a great day and a great week and are ready to peruse some beautiful surf shots with me. Peeking through the plants and out onto the ocean we can see some nice waves coming through. Nothing like the XL waves of yesterday but still some fun waves and a slightly less gnarly size.

You know it is funny though how everything in life is relative.. some places this would be XL and everybody would be super frothing to get out and surf.

Those of us that live here or spend a nice amount of time here and other places that large waves are the norm kinda get used to it and maybe even a bit jaded by the perfect size and conditions and start to look at the waves with a much more skeptical eye. The truth is we are super blessed to have such consistent waves like these that we can look out today and think.. yeah a bit smaller but still good.

When 99% of the surfing community might look and take a second before paddling out because it is so beautiful and even a bit intimidating to see waves like these.

Granted there are still the smaller waves that come in between the sets that can be extra playful and don't have the same stress inducing factor.

The groms here are some of the hardest charging surfers on the beach, they have the skill to back it up as can be seen here.

Guido and Felipe taking a walk on the beach with their adopted best friend they made during their stay here on the beach.

Here is another grom that tears it up out there and it is no surprise when you learn that he has been coming here for years and staying for multiple months at a time. If his dad wasn't injured currently you would definitely see him on the report as well as he is an elite surfer.

Yuji is one of those groms that is growing up here and is nice kid funny and a super shredder in the water. Keep being you brotha you an awesome dude.

Peek-a-boo! Can I call this my mystery barrel surfer of the day? I may just call it the mystery head dip of the day.

Whoa bro! Watch out for people falling from the sky. It is one thing to drop in on someone but this takes it to a whole different level lol

Alvaro is always full of stoke and an awesome friendly dude. He's got some extra free time on his hands recently and it looks like he is putting it to good use out there surfing the day away.

It was pretty low tide while I was out there shooting and you can see the sand getting dredged up by this tuber that went peeling through the lineup nd gave this guy that tube-o-vision.

It has been fun reporting the surf to you all today and we will be back tomorrow like we do everyday to keep you in the know on our favorite wave in the world.

The grom crew has big awkward smiles for you! These kids are the future! Yeah guys and gals way to get out there and charge it. Okay ya'll until next time I say adios for now and see ya soon. Good vibes and love being sent to each and every one of you that is reading this. Peace