Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to the Friday surf report. This is Roberto “Lucha Libre” and Mateo “Pledge” bringing you the action. We headed up to Popoyo a day early to see what was happening at the beach. The waves were pretty fun running chest to shoulder high and head high on sets. The wind was offshore and the waves were pretty fun. Check it out!

Some of the waves that rolled through today looked ideal. Here is Mateo “Pledge” on a great looking left about to set up for that barrel. Right?

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro went out there to represent the San Juan del Sur boys. Here he is on a right about to do a nice cutback. He said that he is going to be the Chamorro to win this contest. We would love to see you do it Gaviota!

Armando “Codo” Lopez went out there to make sure everyone was behaving out in the water. He managed to take off on some of the best set waves as well. Here is a good sized right for a good sized boy.

Here is one of the local Popoyoo boys on a really hollow left. You gonna need to pull into those during the contest tomorrow if you want to make it to the finals.

Zamir was out the showing everyone why he won the last contest at Popoyo. You got your hands full tomorrow if you want to win again. There are a lot of hungry competitors that came from all around Nicaragua to try to take your title.

When we got the hotel the as a cow he found himself in quite the predicament. I guess he thought there was some food in the bottom of this laundry basket or he was just trying to pick up the trash in his field. Either way, it was pretty interesting.

All right that’s all we got for today. The last shot of the day we have a “can you guess what this is” game. The waves look like it should be fun for the contest tomorrow. Be sure to check back and see what goes down the first day of the contest.