Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hello folks. To put it simply, today was firing. It was head high +, off-shore was gusting, and peaky up and down the beach ALL day long. There were people on it, but plenty of gems went unriden. The forecast is looking good, so expect days like this and better in the following weeks. 

This picture doesn't need much explanation. Kick back, and let the mind-surfing take over.

Here we have local boy Lester stalling for a hollow one. There were some broken boards today on account of how throating the barrels were. This didn't stop Lester from pulling in all day.

Mateo lives down here in Nicaragua and when the waves get good you can bet that he will be on some of the best ones.

Coming out of the barrel with loads of speed allowed for some powerful rail work. This looks like he's blowing off some steam on this one

Been seeing more and more GoPro approaches out in the water lately. You can bet this guy is going to get a good angle on this one. Put it on youtube bro and share with the rest of us!

We had Astillero local Capuyo make it down for the swell. He competed in the ISA Jr. Championship and shows us here why he is one of Nicaragua's top shredders. Cool, casual, composed.. the list of synonyms to describe his approach can go on.

Abe from Florida setting up for a nugget.

"Oh wait, I think I will check turn into the barrel"

Attention passengers, you have arrived to the pit.

Down the beach we have a peak doing its best Sunset impersonation.

Codo Lopez and El Gran Varon Don Simon are out! Sorry for the late update on the report, but we were out there surfing as well ! Thanks for reading and expect more swell and barrel wizardry in the weeks to come.