Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 07, 2012

Guess who is here with your Saturday surf report?  Yes friends, Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick but long update for today’s report.  The waves were kinda closing out all morning long but we did get a nice window to score some sick ones.  Head high plus on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and sweet water temperature.  Check out the lineup!

Lefts and rights were out of control for about one hour, and I do not have to say much on this photo.  Wide open barrel for anyone that want to charge on this thing!

Right when the tide was sucking back out, we had some nice little nuggets to be taken.  Unknown pal taking a good form right hander.

There was a push in the size and everybody was super stoked.  That’s a big room right there, pull into that thing man!

The size picked up, the tide was backing up and the waves started to open up pretty good.  Check out the view on this one!

Pancho Sanchez got out there and grabbed a couple of fun ones.  Setting up for the barrel section on this peeler.

Mr Brown pulled into some jewels as well.  Working hard on his backside, in his favorite spot on the wave!

Mel Melon Comelon got a little late to the action in his last day in Nicaragua.  But he still got able to paddle out to get one more wave, the only wave and his last wave of his trip.  Check out the sequence,,,,,,,,,!!!

Shot 2, looking down the line!

Shot 3, hoping to get barrel in the last wave of his trip!

Shot 4, getting under the line!

Shot 5, setting up for the brown barrel!

Shot 6, praying to come out of this one!

Shot 7, getting deep!

Shot 8, and deeper!

Shot 9, and even deeper!

Shot 10, and way more deeper!

Shot 11, we are not kidding you folks!

Shot 12, do you guys think that he is coming out of this thing?

Shot 13, oh my goodness!

Shot 14, totally disappeared!

Shot 15, are you still there MELON?

Shot 16, I do not know.  What do you guys think?

Shot 17, this would be a perfect 10 in a contest.  Only if he make it out, of course!

Shot 18, I got no more to say!

Shot 19, hitting the door!

Shot 20, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  That was sick Meloncito!

Shot 21, you can not believe it right Melon?  So do I my friend, that was f,,,,,,,g SICK!

Yeahhhh Melon, so stoked to have the whole sequence.  It was a pleasure to have you down pal, hope to see you next year.

There were some sick mini bumps coming in.  This guy was testing out his brand new Go-pro and I am pretty sure that a couple of shots came out good out of this wave.

We had waves even for a couple of spongers that were out killing it.  Check out this one busting a crazy air maneuver on this closed out section.

Borrador where the hell are you man?  Do you see these waves man?  There are killable, as you would say!

A couple of locals made it out and they were charging.  Lenni pulling in super deep in this section.

The lineup wasn’t busy at all, so there were plenty of empty and sweet waves rolling in with no takers.  What a shame!

The spongers had a blast out there, as everyone.  Here is caught this one nabbing a sick one!

Almost all the surfers that were out were trying to get barrel but this guy was throwing big fans all over the place.  Check him out with a cool slashy!

Alright boys, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow!!!