Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 07, 2011

This is Lucha Libre Garcia throwing a couple of shots in for the Thursday surf report.  It’s the last day we spend with the crew from Peru and they were ready to get more shacks.  The waves were head high on sets and the winds cooperated all day long.  Check out the lineup!

This is Javier pulling in deep into this sick left hander.  Dale pechito!!!

Jose was ripping all over the place, as he has been the whole trip.  Sick floater maneuver on this closed out section.

Iago setting up for the upcoming section.  These guys had a blast out there today.

It was nice to meeting you all folks.  Hope to meet you again in the future!

Did I say that the conditions cooperate all day long?  Mike about to pull into this sweet right hander.

It wasn’t all about getting barreled.  There were some dudes ripping it up.  Unknown pale rider with a cool spray.

The kids from Cali paddled out down south and were doing their things in the river mouth.  Nice hack,uh!

Lots of beautiful chicks were all over the place.  This dude in the background was riding the wave of his trip but he looked to the beach and lose control.  Do you know what pal?  I do not blame you!

Did I say girls all over the place?  Kelly from Fl about to pigdog on this one.

The lineup wasn’t’ busy as yesterday and today was more consistent too.  Empty one rolling all the way in by itself.

Timmy paddled out and scored some sweet rides.  Charging on his shortboard with a killer bottom turn!

Alright folks, this was Lucha with the report for today.  Take it easy!

THIS JUST IN - Josco just nabbed a 60+lb Wahoo today in the Marlindo and claims "The fishing is ON FIRE!".  Nice work Capt. Jeff.  ...and NICE fish!  Man, that thing is a MONSTER!!!!  If you want to line up a fishing trip with Jeff, get in touch with NSR and we'll hook you up.