Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 07, 2006

Before we get to today's surf report, we have a big announcement to make. NSR is taking a much needed vacation - to relax, explore and most of all - surf. Beginning sometime this upcoming week, we will be leaving California and driving the Pacific coast back to Nicaragua. It's a trip we've talked about doing for over 5 years now. The adventure is planned to take at least 4 weeks and pass through Mexico, Guatamala, Salvador and Honduras. If anybody out there has a good hook-up and would like to help us out along the way, please shoot us an email. I imagine we'll need all the help we can get. The plan is to post our progress (or lack there of) on NSR so stay tuned for that. Don't worry, the reports and email responses from our team in Nicaragua will continue as usual while we are on the road.

Welcome to the surf report and spanish class. We've got good swell out here at Maderas today, It's overhead and still buiding and the wind is offshore all day long. Machete pt was going off this morning and all the crew was charging.

Kambute, the photogenic guy was on fire today. I grabbed around 50 good shots of him and It was no easy for me to choose the best ones to post. Check him out going left at Machete pt.

Here is Byron. He saw his shot from yesterday and he told me this words (I gonna made it again on NSR) and he made it. Keep working.

Mean while Roque was on the beach playing guitar because he's sick, but don't worry he is getting better and he'll be in CR the next week.

Juanito was also on the beach because he has a terrible pain in his right elbow, but he watch Kambute taking many sicks wave so he decided to paddle out and he scored.

Kambute with another nice shot. Is he photogenic or no?

This is Andres going off the top. He's making an article for Surfos Magazinne about Nicaragua surf team.

Luis was getting fun out there, practicing for the upcoming contest the next week.

There were too many good waves today, like this one with no takers.

There is no a better way to finish the day. Here is Kambute getting barreled. Shot 1.

Shot 2.

Shot 3.

Shot 4. He really was on fire.