Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hey everybody! Welcome to the midweek surf report with Parker. The waves are still small and fun but we had a great session at Horseshoes. Check it out!

Almost every member of the EMHEC made their debut today. Here is our CSO doing some R&D on his new shred stick. Once the waves pick up, you'll see him standing tall in some caves!

Unfortunately, the waves are still in the stomach to chest high region and this is the smallest it ever gets. Hang tight for a few more days until the weekend swell comes!!

Or be like our CMO and enjoy your morning! We all took out longboards and cruised into our daily routine. It's a refreshing (short term) change to surf mellow waves so take out a friend who is still learning!

Despite the small size, you need to stay on guard here. This is a shifty spot so you need to be ready to hit the gas and get into position (or out of the inside).

The water is super pretty and blue so go fish or snorkel. If you're spending a couple days out of the water, take a day trip to San Juan or Granada.

While the tide was dropping during our session, a couple insiders were breaking closer to the reef. If you practice yoga or ride a body board, you'll get lucky in a tube but the rest of us will wait for bigger waves.

Switching gears, a lot of cool things have been happening at the NSR shop! First, we will have a few items left over from our 4th of July sale (by the way, you missed an epic party Sunday). Also, we put a few more Firewires in our rental quiver. Keep scrolling down!

Senor Marvin was stoked to find a couple NSR jerseys that fit him well. If you're also looking for a XXL, we have you covered! Ladies, we just recieved a new full rack of Billabong clothes so we have y'all covered too!

Clothes- check. Ok, time for a surfboard. Groms- don't rack up dad's baggage fees... we have ripper boards for y'all too!!

We have you covered too, dad. We have three new Firewires in the volume range of 38-45 liters. Click on the Surfboard Rental tab at the top of our website if you want to see more information.

If you're going to answer client's rental questions, you need to try the product for yourself, right? Especially if it was lunch time and there is a fun wave... These new boards are soooooo sick that you don't even need fins to ride them!!

Ok damas and caballeros, get out there! Be like our CSJO and enjoy what Neptune offers even if it's small. Thank you for checking out the report and hasta en la manana!!