Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 06, 2015

Hello welcome to another week of surf in Nicaragua. The waves are small, all day we were waiting the high tide to see is there are sets with good size waves and the biggest waves are just three feet. The offshore wind is stable now, some surfers were extracting the juice to the wave. Check it out

Was hard to pick up the right one, but with a little of patience this surfers have some fun waves. Well always is good have one of this tiny tubes.

How this surfer. He found two good one. I want to have one of this after I get out work to make my day.

Check the second one. A little deeper. Always there are in the water a ripper and lucky surfer.

Ok. The surfer in the photo before is the lucky one because this is the ripper. Check it out.

Bannnggggg. This young surfer is with others friends having fun in this surf conditions.

Yeah!!!!! Buddy. She is ripping too. Sometime you need to sit down and enjoy the show.

This man is so big for this size of wave, but he found the way to fit in this tube. How you are making bro????

Well, the pig dog style work good. With good attitude and lucky, everybody could have a good day of surf in all kind of conditions. You know what I mean?

Like this surfer in the red surfboard. After follow and screaming to the surfer is burning his wave, he decided to enjoy the ride!!!!.

Ok. Lester is happy with the new job. Welcome to the crew buddy. The old swell it is over, we have two more days with small waves until the new swell is here so take out your longboard, boogie board or handplane and go get a shack. Armando Lopez is out.