Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hey Everyone, it's Kate and I have good news to report from the beachfront! This morning there was no wind and the waves were about chest to head high. The wind came on shore mid day, but clean sets continued to roll through. You can't always count on the wind but Nicaragua's waves will never disappoint you!

Today was all about the chicas! We don't get the chance to see too many ladies on this stretch of beach so when we do it is a treat!

Annie caught some great waves today! She hails from California where she teaches surfing part time. If anyone needs surf lessons in Cali, she is your girl!

Heather was the trooper of the week.  She broke her foot the day she booked her ticket to Nicaragua, but still came to enjoy Nicaragua's weather, hospitality, and do a little body surfing.

A bunch of people had fun getting air and pulling sweet maneuvers on top of waves.  Spectators witnessed a few great hits and this is just one of them.

This guy pulls into a glassy right and works his way into the pocket.  Shoot us an email if you want to see the rest of your photos.  That goes for any of you out in the water today.  I am around all week and have tons of photos of everyone!

A big shout out to Adam who has been coming to Nicaragua for the last five years.  We had to say goodbye for now but he caught some epic waves this summer, built a farm, and made the most of his last morning here.  Good luck in Iowa!  Now it is my turn to sign off.  Check back with us tomorrow for updates and pictures!

What’ up folks.  We are the NSR family bringing you a little bit of the action for this Tuesday surf report.  We went to the beach in the morning trying to catch some waves.  The winds kept blowing onshore today, but still had lots of fun out there.  Quite a good crowd showed out to one of the better spots to surf around San Juan del Sur when we have conditions like these.  It was running about chest to head high on sets and there were many walls to destroy.  Check it out!!!

Today we are going to start our daily surf report with our very good friend D-lite he went to the beach with us this morning, and he had two guys for surf lesson.  Here was surf for a few minutes after the class and he caught some fun ones.  Check him out destroying the lip of this closed out session.

On this shot we have our friend Nicole, she was one of the beginners of our teacher D-lite.  She was catching some good waves.  Looks at her dropping in on this right hander, one of the better waves that we had today.

A few local rippers made it out and were crushing it.  Here we have one of the many local guys that we had this morning in the lineup doing his thing with a quick maneuver on the top of this little wave.

As we said before the waves were a little fun.  On this shot we had these guys taking a break and enjoying of this beautiful day after the long surf session.

We had a lot of people on the beach this morning taking some surf lesson.  Here we have this girl she was catching some fun ones.  Looks at her riding on this small but fun little nugget.

The lineup was not very crowded today, we only had about 12 or 14 surfers including a few locals.  Here we have one of the many locals that we had in the water this morning with a cool maneuver on this closed out session.

On the last shot of the day we have this guy leaving from to the lineup after that he had a good time out there.  Alright folks this is all for today.  We hope to have some better waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us!