Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July! This is Roberto “Lucha Libre”, Jairo “Come Pan” Panic, and Mateo “Pledge” with the Friday surf report. It was a hot one today down here in Nicaragua, so a lot of people headed out to the beach to cool off. The waves were waist to chest high, with off shore wind, and clear water. We headed out to the beach as well to celebrate The States' Independance Day. Check it out!

Our friend Norwin “Chulin” was out there representing the local crowd. There was a lot of people on the beach, but not too many in the water which made “Chulin” pretty stoked. Here he is taking advantage of the not too crowded waves with a nice front side slash.

Here is a gringo representing his country with one of the best set waves of the day. This wave is actually making the surf look a lot better than it was. There were some good sets, but you definitely had to be patient and wait on them if you wanted a wave like this.

Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila was out there surfing really well just shredding all over the place. Here he is caught boosting with some style and pulling it off ever so smoothly.

Gerardo “El Mope” Miranda is shown here with a nice snap. He use to be sponsored by Billabong, but he recently switched to a Guatemalan company called ‘Beto’. You know billabong is a little upset about losing such a solid surfer.

There was not only a plethora of girls on the beach, but there was also a bunch in the water getting some fun waves. Here is one of them with a nice roundhouse cutback. We hope that all the girls go out tonight in San Juan del Sur to celebrate the 4th!

You can’t tell from this shot but this is Edwin “El Tuzo” Morales getting the barrel of the day. The swell is staying the same and the wind is forecasted to turn onshore. So we have our fingers crossed so that the waves a good tomorrow. Check back and find out what happens!