Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi guys this is Kate. I’m the new Chewy.  Start looking for my photos later in the week!  Here, Leon and his buddy scope out the scene and check out a fellow surfer catching the left.  The boys should be pretty happy with conditions.  Today the wind was on shore and the waves were head high to overhead on sets.  Check it out!

Check out this guy stylin’ on this lefthander.  It’s still a sick barrel even if you don’t make it out.

Taking his time and respecting the wave homeboy works his way back into the tunnel to extend his ride.  There is a tremendous amount of power behind this wave. 

He is pumped to be inside the wave now all he needs is a few hard pumps to get out.  Or maybe he needs a 90 Yamaha motor to make it through.

How stoked is he to catch a perfect wave? Takes a good surfer to go for this one and make it out.  The next photo is even better even though you can’t see him.

He was flying down the wave and still managed to stay in the barrel.  

This guy nailed the bottom turn.  There were a few bumps coming through.

JJ Dropped in and stuck it.  Watch to see how he made out.

You have to be a good surfer to charge this one. Check out how thick the lip is!

Missing the barrel of the day because he was a little bit late.

Not to pleased with himself. Several onlookers felt his pain as they watched.

Little bit of the beach and a little bit of Joe.   Sweet turn!

Misses the surfer to his right and digs a rail into this left.  We have more photos of everyone that was in the water today so shoot us an email if you want to check them out.

Locked in and getting low.  This guy makes it look easy.  

Our buddy for the day. He ate his nuts and watched the excitement from his dry, sand-less perch. He probably had the best view too.

Kikie doesn't care what time it is because he's cruising into his own personal Alchemy hour.  This was our surf report for the day. Please check back with us tomorrow!