Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey guys , this is Jairo “Come Pan” and Jeremiah “Chewy” bringing  you anther great day here in Nicaragua.  The waves were really inconsistent, but there were a couple fun ones coming through.  The wind was offshore for a little while, in the morning and then turned onshore.  Check it out!

Check out this sick shot Come Pan got today! Great work!

Today we went on the boat trying to catch some waves and hook some fish.   We did both, and had a great time.

This is Kevin from San Fran who came down to hang out the crew.  Here is on the sick right about to hit the lip.

There were a couple of barrels to be had.  Mike is short and has aerodynamic hair, so he fit into the small barrels perfectly!

Chewy never misses a surf session.  Here he is with this good shwack !  Get it Chewy!

Marty has been here for couple weeks and today was his last day.   We are all sad to see you go!  So anyway here he is about to set up for the last barrel before he goes back to Florida.

On the way back we hooked a big mackerel.  Can someone say fish tacos?

Hey little kid watch out don’t step on that thing!!!

This is the last shot of the day.  Here we have Mike trying to run “Come Pan” over.  Mike, that’s why I made fun of you earlier.  Hey everyone check back tomorrow, San Juan del Sur and Jacksonville out!!!