Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 10, 2022

Hello world and welcome back to the daily surf report from your best buds here at SurfNSR! The storm has passed and although there is another storm developing in the Gulf that could bring some unfavorable conditions but today was great! Come check it out..

Lots of amazing waves coming through this morning and plenty of surfers that have been frothing for some good conditions and today nature provided.

Plenty of A-Frames before the tide got too high and then the lefts started to dominate the lineup.

Check out who has made their return to the water after a couple of months of being gone.. Carlos de Colorados was out scoring waves like he never left.

Some nice offshore flow this morning helping groom the waves on this glassy morning.

Mystery Barrel Surfer of the day!!

It's tough to say how long these awesome conditions will be around so my advice is surf until you can't feel your arms anymore! If the wind goes onshore again due to the developing storms you'll be glad you did.

Kevin putting on the brakes this morning to squeeze every drop out of this juicy barrel. Yeah buddy!!

Look who else is back in town! Cande fresh off of some competitions where she placed 9th in the world in the under 18 category at the ISA surfing comp in El Salvador. Congratulations girl! Keep grindin'

Kevin on another sweet wave, this one stretched out and kept going and Kev didn't miss a beat as he weaved through this one perfectly. Must've been 20+ frames of him inside the tube completely covered. Yeeee

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today! Hoping for some more quality waves tomorrow and through the weekend. Check back tomorrow to scope out what we get and for the news of the neighborhood. Cheers!