Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hi everybody it´s Jairo"Come Pan" Panic with the surf report for today.  Today I headed out to the Playa Maderas and the waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore wind. The water was warm and it was overcast.  Check it out.

Here we have Carlos Caliente with the first shot of the day doing a cool snap.

There were a bunch of riders out there taking some fun waves and really enjoying themselves. Here is a shot of the scene to prove it.

Today we caught Gerardo "El Mope" Miranda with a nice maneuver on a right.  This guy is so stoked because he has a bunch of shortbords he wants to sell, so he wants to open a surf shop in town.  Good job buddy!!

There were some interesting clouds making some cool shapes in the sky like this one. Thats all we got for today so please check back tomorrow.