Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 04, 2008

 This is Jairo “Come Pan” Panic and Mateo “Pledge” with the Wednesday surf report. Today we headed out to Maderas and the waves were about stomach to chest high, with offshore wind, and warm water.  As you can see from this shot there was some love in the water today. Check out what got today!

The first surfing shot of the day we have our new friend from Holland on a pretty fun looking left. On this wave he was showing us how a Dutch man lays down a front side snap. We hope you score some fun waves while you are here buddy.

After Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro had a little romantic walk with his lady on the beach he decided to paddle out and get some waves. Here “La Gaviota” is earning the rights to nickname. (La Gaviota=Seagull)

Rex “La Bestia” Calderon was out there as well getting his fair share of waves. On this one he was showing “La Gaviota” that he can do it too.

So today we decided that we would let the “Pledge” paddle out there and get some waves. He asked “La Bestia” for some surfing advice and this is what he came up with. Not bad rookie, you’re all most there!

English- So today we met a really beautiful girl and thought we would ask her some questions so we could get to know her better. This is Analia who is from Uruguay. She arrived here three days ago. She said that her favorite place in Nicaragua is San Juan del Sur because it’s so beautiful and the people are really cool. She said for her next vacation she will definitely choose Nicaragua. The final question we asked her was what her favorite beer is and she chose correctly: Tona! It was really nice to meet you Anaua.

Spanish- Por lo tanto, hoy nos encontramos con una chica realmente hermosa y pensamos pedirle algunas preguntas para que podriamos conocerla  a ella mejor. Ella es Analia originaria de Uruguay. Ella llegó aquí hace tres días. Ella dice que su lugar favorito en Nicaragua es San Juan del Sur porque es tan bello y la gente es realmente amable. Ella nos dijo que sus proximas vacaciones ella va a elegir definitivamente Nicaragua. La última pregunta que le hicimos fue cual es su cerveza preferida aqui in Nicaragua y ella nos contesto correctamente: Tona! Fue realmente un placer de conocerle Anaua.

When we were driving back into town we saw some pretty cool acrobatics at the Puente de San Juan. This is Manuel “Palasito” and Miguel “El Saltarin” showing off there moves with a perfect landing.

The guy who owns this car went surfing today and was burning everyone in the water so everyone who he burned decided to burn him! Just kidding, what we think really happened was an electrical fire.  Alright, the waves should be really fun tomorrow so check back!