Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 04, 2016

Hi everybody. The rain bring the onshore wind. We have small waves even during the low tide. The high tide have some waves with the wind swell. Just two surfers were in the water. Check it out.

All the locals are in the surf contest in Leon, just the kids are in the water. Here is Marlon Brando trying a curve in the lip of the wave.

This is the first time I see at Marlon practising a trick. Well, we see what he do.

Here is in the top, he hit the waves almost in time, but now looks like a floater. He is trying to slide the fins in the back of the wave, but he need to push more the feet in the trap pat.

He made the half of the trick. He work and surf here everyday, so soon he probably will landing this trick.He made the half of the trick. He working and surf here everyday, so he probably will landing this trick soon.

The other surfer in the water was in the other peak. He get a good left. They have the beach for them self. One sit down in the right and the other one in the left. What more they can wish?

He made this cut in the end of that wave. The waves were pure onshore wind. Here this wind is not common, but some surfers are used to this kind of surf conditions.

When the waves are small, the bar in the beach club is a good spot for have a drink or have a volleyball game with the feet.

This game was really professional. These surfers were having the ball in the air for a good while.

Check how they save this point. Today is very cloudy, so some sport outdoor are fun.

This was the best save outside the core. The grass was a little wet for the rain, but some people is playing golf.

My sister and my uncle decided walk on the beach because is not too hot. Today sound like a day for a massage.

Some visitors take today for help the community to have clean water to drink. They bring some filters for purification the water. Check it out.

They explained to the people how to assemble the filter, because if one day one kid fell the baket, so they can put again.

And now is ready!!.. The water is more clean and ready for drink. They help to all the SANTA MARTA comunity. There are more places to need clean water, so if you came here and want to do a family or friends activity a day with not surf, this is a good proyect.

We have a good deal for you.... We are selling this rockets. All this boards are to 6'0" to 6'4" and the price go of $100 to $130, so come to the surf shop and buy the best one soon.

And here are the new boards of our quiver. We have some Hypto Krypto and Firewire for rent. Reserve your surfboard on line, save money and test the best surfboard brand in a week. Have a good day and see you tomorrow. Armand Lopez is out.