Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi everyone, this is NSR family bringing you the Sunday surf report straight to your computer to enjoy the surf here in Nicaragua.  Today we made it out before dark to catch some fun waves.  The waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets, the wind was offshore and the water was really nice.  Check it out.

Normally at low tide the waves aren’t really good at this spot, but today it was working. This is “The Godfather” taking off on a good looking left, because he knows this wave like the back of his hand.

Just because the waves were not epic, doesn’t mean you can't surf your heart out.  Check out Luis “La Baloy” Chamorro putting it all on the line.

Mateo “Guineo” as always stoked about the surf here in Nicaragua. “Guineo” swears that is the best turn his has ever done! Keep trying buddy!

This is Jack with a nice bottom turn into one of the better rights of the day.  This guy was catching a bunch of fun waves today because he was riding this sick twin fin!

Today we brought Heather “Hace Queso” to the beach.   Here she is performing the seldom seen, no board bottom turn.

Some of the inside waves were really fun and this guy was tearing them to shreds.  Check out this awesome turn!

We wanted to leave you with this nice sunset and we hope you enjoyed our Sunday surf report.   The waves should be pick up a little bit tomorrow, please make sure check back with us!!!