Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the Saturday surf report! The swell is definitely here! We were all so excited about how fun the waves were. It was about head high with bigger sets, offshore wind all day, and warm water. Check out this reeling right! A lot of the waves were hard to come out of, but when you did it was so worth all the closeouts!

“Guineo” was insanely stoked about the waves today! He saw Jairo with the water cam so he threw him a Jax Beach peace sign! Bringin’ it back! Nice job “Guineo”!

We brought our buddy Randy to the beach today because we knew he was gonna supply us with Gatorades and Ranchitos! Here Randy is, hydrated and energized, bottom turning on a sicky!

Pancho was working on his no hand backside barrel today. Unfortunately, it had to be a itwasgonnabesick because some beefcake was foam balling him! The pledges want to say thanks for the day of surfing Pancho!

This guy was getting a bunch of fun waves. Here he is about to get shacked! Dude, you gotta throw up the claim! Ps- We got the whole sequence of this barrel! Just click the above photo to send you to NSR Surf Shots!

And you know he did! “The Gringo Claim!”

This guy took off in the biggest set wave of the day and just got drained! Dude, everyone on the beach was rooting for you on this one! For the whole wave just click the above photo!

This young fella was from San Clemente and was loving the warm water here! Here he is hacking into this right. The pooch stopped diggin’ for crabs and was blown away by the turn!

Jeremiah “Chewy” was doin’ his thing today out in the water. Here he is about to beef it on one of the better lefts! Dude, if you fall like this again, you’re out on the streets!

Chapin was out there pulling aerobatics like this left and right! I guess from being a boat captain in Nicaragua for the past few years these maneuvers would come easy to you!

Surprisingly, there were some girls out in the water getting some big waves. We were all impressed with her solid performance in the water today!

Jairo had the sweetest spot up here on the beach to get all these shots! He got this guy’s whole sequence all the way until he got pinched at the end! Dude, you gotta hold on!

Mr. Brown was out there getting a ton of barrels as always! Here he is on this flaring left just getting piped! Don’t worry Mr. Brown, this one isn’t going on facebook.

“Chewy” was stoked about this guys bottom turn today. Here he is, post bottom turn, setting up for the shack! Take notes Chewy!

Jairo was blowing up the water shots! He got this whole sequence of this tube and it was sick! Hey man, just let us know if you want it.

Last shot of the day we got this guy stalling in the pocket lookin’ for the barrel! We took a ton of shots today, so if you were out there we probably got you! Just click on any of the above photos and they will take you to NSR Surf Shots with an archive of all our best shots! Peace!