Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hello all and welcome to the Saturday surf report, the weather is a bit wonky and the wind is making everything messy out in the water. Good day to be inside enjoying family or relaxing beachside as it's Mothers Day here in Nicaragua.

Had to come check this spot after some of the photos I saw Brian posting on yesterday's surf report, unfortunately there weren't any takers today. It did look like there was a bit less energy in the water today.

A bit of baseball practice in the sand. Have you guys finished watching "The Last Dance", about MJ #23 what a great series about the GOAT, could've been a pro baseball player too.

Chris and Tony decided to make the paddle out and see if they could get lucky.

Chris making some turns and moving some water, the waves looked a bit like Florida today.

Tony paddled out and was quickly dropping in and finding a few.

Just a couple of dudes out catching waves back to back, it wasn't the nicest cleanest biggest or best but it looked fun just you and a friend with the ocean all to yourselves.

Tony on the late take off looking over the edge..

At about this point I was thinking oh nooo..

Then this savage lands down and at about this time I was thinking Yeeewwwwww! Sick one TonyZ. Speaking of take offs and landings, did anyone see the SpaceX rocket launch today? It's the first time in history that Tesla's SpaceX has launched humans into space, and then the booster rocket returned to earth and landed. So sick, even the new astronaut space suits look futuristic go check it out.

Couldn't tell who this was that paddled out but he was only out for 15 minutes before giving in to the subpar conditions and decided to call it.

Banana Smoothies everyday!

Okay that's it for today, thanks for coming by and checking us out. If you are Nicaraguan make sure to do something nice for Mom today, come to think of it regardless you should do something nice for Mom today! Let's hope for this storm pattern to pass through sooner rather then later and return to the consistent off shore winds this area is known for. :)