Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello amigos and welcome to the Humpday surf report at NSR! This is Parker logging in to show you today's shots. Take a few minutes to check out the waves and our day trip!

We are still in between swells so the waves are fun and playful. I know it's small but you can still have a great session with your friends!

And there is always a lip to smash! If you're small or can tuck, find a few tubitos at the southern beachie.

At the fuller tide, Horseshoes was very peaky and shoulder high. Roger was on it early and full of smiles (that's why he's the CSO)!

I can settle for a chest high wave until the new weekend swell. What's better than a weekend filled with good waves?!?!

The water is warm, the winds are light, and the beers are cold. Relax or go snag a few rollers!

When the waves are flat or the wind was onshore (like two weeks ago), we like to take day trips. Norman took me to Mombacho so keep scrolling down to see some photos!

Mombacho is huge volcano about two hours from our development. It offers tons of trails to walk that are sprawling with flora and fuana. It's almost like the Nicaraguan zoo!

Life's biggest question: do you continue on the beaten trail or take the side cut through??? Come on, you gotta check out what's on the other side!!

When you take the fun side street, you get lucky and find a "Flora de Romero." This is a rare flower that blooms at the beginning at the rainy season, emits a soft scent, and thrives off eating at Tip Top.

Norman and I want to thank NSR for the day. They hooked it up with transport, the car fee, and most importantly, a fun day of "working hard out of the office." Thank you guys for a fun suprise!!

We thought we would never make it!! At least without our legs cramping up. At the top, you have spectacular views of the mountain, Granada, and lago de Granada. There is a nice breeze at the high altitude so you will feel refreshed and cool. Prepare your Instagram for these views... #nofilter

Like I said, a rough day of working hard out of the office... Seriously!! There are two hiking options (one is moderate and the other is difficult) and the difficult got the better part of me...

Next stop: Laguna de Apoyo. This huge beautiful lake is a deep crater and stays a gorgeous blue. It's a quick drive from Mombacho or the Granada area.

Find your own beach, go for a swim, lay out in the sun, and relax. Get your daily Instagram pic from Mombacho's views and then get a new cover photo with you and your crew. That is, if you can find this secret spot on the laguna...

A quick refreshment and we are on our way to downtown Granada. Some of the NSR employees (cough cough Norman) were caught drinking and driving. Thankfully, it was just coconut juice without any Flor...

Granada has plenty of beautiful buildings (including this church), delicious restaurants, quaint artisan shops, and plenty of souvenirs for those who didn't make the trip. Walk around the downtown and take in the Central American beauty.

Or rent a horse carriage with that special somebody to tour around. No, Norman and I did not rent one together; however, we did go place to place eating too many deserts and ice cream...

Alright guys, it was a long action packed day filled with pretty views. It was time for us to head home. Until next time, Granada! And thank you guys for checking out today's report. I hope you liked seeing some shots of Nicaragua! Hasta en la manana!!