Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome back to the Nicaragua surf report! We headed to the beach early this morning to beat the onshore wind. Since the rainy season has arrived we know the wind can be really fickle. It was low tide and about waist to chest high. Check it out!

First shot of the day we got Jamil “El Coqui” Brox bottom turning on one of the best waves of the day. There wasn’t much of crowd out there, but he was one of two locals so he had to represent his homeland!

This kid is from Giants Foot and was helping out in the boat in the background. He somehow managed to get the heaviest wave of the day! When Mateo “Guineo” saw this picture he couldn’t believe it was the same beach he was surfing!

Here we got the “Guineo” with a nice off the lip! He was tired from the big weekend, but he knows the mediocre days here in Nicaragua are way better than the waves back home in Florida!

Here is one of the Gringos from the boat on a fun little left. Hey buddy, I think you had a fan on the beach. You should have came in to meet her!

If you wanted to surf without any locals in the water today was the day to do it! Everyone was so tired from the contest that they slept in. These guys only had to compete with themselves to get the best waves!

Last shot of the day we’re leaving with “Coqui” with a nice back side turn. The wind looks weird for the next few days, and then Thursday it looks like we are back to normal off shore breeze! Alright, take it easy! Peace!

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