Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to Wednesday at the NSR Beach House. We've still got the Ponce Inlet Crew staying with us. They've been hanging with Roberto and taking pics for a few days. Today they all hooked up some NSR T-Shirts so they could fly the colors back home. Thanks guys! We super stoked to have you down with us.

Today we actually had a rare occurance here in Nicaragua - onshore winds. The waves were still head-high and fun though and we got some good shots. Check out how clear the water was in front of the house.

Here is Johnny, showing adapting to the weather change.

Bobby had a few nice ones today too.

Lester, 4 days into his trip, has begun to go delirious. Today he opted to roll around in the grass and pose for Roberto.

This is Larry, who we couldn't get out of the water.

Yes, Roberto was doing his thing all day long today.

Hey Riley, we'll catch you later!

Sometimes the forecast is wrong - today was supposed to be almost flat. When we got to the beach it was head high on sets, offshore and super fun. check it out.

This is Coki, working on the backside attack at Maderas.

Kervin, the soul rider, opted to surf semi-solo down the beach at Machete point. Every now and then we'd catch him in the tube like this.

This is Agusto, doing his best impression of older brother Luis. Keep trying my man.

Roberto was out doing his thing on the beach as well.

Check out young Rex throwing some spray.

And just when we thought Rex was the young generation, along comes Kai. I guess that makes you a little older now Rex.

Fun waves are on tap for the rest of the weekend so check back. Pancho out.