Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 26, 2006

We've got fun little waves out here at Maderas today. It's about chest high on sets, the water is warm and the wind is offshore. We've got a macking swell coming later next week so now is the time to ride the shortboards. After around Wednesday or so we should have well overhead waves for a couple of weeks. Oh yeah. In the meantime, here's Matt from SF.

Since the waves were small today, we decided to run a "chick" theme. (we thought you might like that) This is Pamela from Newcastle. She's visiting Nicaragua to help count the turtles.

Here's Annie, looking smiley as ever. Even though it was small, it was super fun.

This is Arianna. She's a jet fighter pilot just off from Iraq. She's here to try her hand at surfing.

Hey Fox, this one's for you!

Hey dude, we're the ones taking the photos here. Beat it!

This is Juliette from NYC. She is down here scouting locations for their next photo documentary. It's going to be about the elusive Nicaraguan Scuttlebug - a small crustacean that steals car keys.

OK, there were some fun waves too. This is Stan the man with a plan from Iran. No wait, he wasn't really from Iran. I don't even think he has a plan. He did catch a nice wave in front of the old guy.

Hey Martin, how's the English coming? Not a bad way to practice, with a hot chick in a bikini laying in the back of a truck.