Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi folks, its Lucha libre with the surf report for.  The surf is not that good today but the Virginia guys decided to give it a try out there.  It’s waist to shoulder high on sets, the water is warm and super clear but the wind is still onshore.  Check it out.

The revoultion surf guy made it out this morning and was commanding the lineup with a couple of good rides like this one.  Randy "Big Duke" wants to say hi to his family in Virginia Beach.

Jeff “Sitos” Breit paddled out again hoping to get a good shot to make his friend jealous back in Virginia Beach.  Here he goes riding a nice looking left.

Ed “Eduardo” Power was catching a couple of good rights out there today and was surfing like he was half his age.  Good job Power!!!

John “Juan Lago” Lake made it out too and was trying to score a couple of good ones with his friends.  Here he goes having a good time on that left hander.

Chuck “El Presidente” was killing today.  This guy definitely got much better than last year and he still has many more years to come down to Nicaragua and charge.  Nice one my friend!!!

Bob “El Cebollo” Morecock got one of the best waves of the day and I was there to vouch for it.  This guy love Nicaragua so much and decided to spend the rest of the day in Granada, the oldest city in the country.

The day was getting hotter and hotter not only because it was sunny but  because we had a lot of cute girls on the beach.  I think she already knew that she was going to make it on NSR.

Allen “Beez” Beasley was part of the action today.  Here he is taking off on another left.  These guys were so happy because they were such a good time down here.  Hopefully we'll have better surf condition this weekend so they can score better waves.

So we took therest of the day from surfing and headed out to the oldest city in Nicaraguato check it out.  There is always something to do in Nicaragua even if we don’t have good waves.  So come over and check out our beautiful country

You can go to the historic plaza or visit some of the many churches we have around.  By this you can learn about our culture and have a good time with the Nicaraguan people.

That’s all for today folks, please check back tomorrow.