Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's the final day of the Torneo de Surf at Popoyo. The winds are still bad but we've got some swell in the water running a bit overhead on sets. We had over 30 competitors yesterday and that field has been cut in half for todays action. Everybody is going for a trophy...and the prizes.

Here is a picture of the finalists. From left to right we have - Oliver, The Mayor of Tola and her friend, Gerardo, Samir, Kike, Jamil, and the one kid I didn't get a name for...sorry.

The competitors made the most of their waves today. Here is Jamil from Las Salinas.

here is Gerardo from San Juan Del Sur

and Samir, also from Las Salinas

And Oliver, from San Juan Del Sur, putting in a strong showing.

But in the end, it was Jamil who took home first place. We'd like to also recognize Gerardo, who surfed the contest with a serious knee injury and still took home 2nd place AND Oliver, who caught some of the best waves and took home 3rd. Well done everyone!

Oh yeah, as if bad waves weren't bad enough, how's getting stuck on the beach with the tide coming in? This was a two hour episode. Luckily, the tide started going out and we found some locals with shovels.