Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome back everyone. The waves did get a little better than yesterday so we were stoked to paddle back out. It was running about chest high with offshore wind. Jairo “Come Pan” was climbing all over the surrounding mountains to get a bunch of cool angles. Check it out.

Here is a side view of the line up. The crowd wasn’t too bad, and the waves were kind of fun. It was cool to be out in the water and sun surfing with some friends.

We would like to feature the first Chewy barrel of the summer! It’s not the best barrel, but man, its better than home! Lets keep’em coming CHEEEEWWWWYYY!!!

This is our good friend Randy “El Bambino” on a nice right. The past couple days “El Bambino” has opened his house to us and provided excellent fish and filet mignon. Thanks for keeping us full! We’ll be back tomorrow!

Here is another sweet shot by “Come Pan” of an unknown rider on a shallow left. Check out those boils in the foreground. He climbed up through all this shrubbery to get it. We love how devoted you are to getting good shots.

Heather “Hace Queso” made it out as well. She was on the prowl for some screaming lefts. Heather knows her parents are always checking the report, so she wants to tell them she loves and misses them!

Here is a small little A-framer coming through. We thought it would be cool to show you a different perspective on this wave.

This fella tried to back paddle Pancho to get position on this wave, but ended up in the whitewater.

After a few good waves Jeremiah thought it would be better to hit the sand and see what was happening with the ladies on the beach. Here he found a cute one and took her to his favorite place to chill. Keep working hard Chewy!

Mateo “Guineo” was really excited to paddle out and get some waves. Here is with a cool bottom turn a secluded left.

He wasn’t to happy about his “Jacksonville Facial” yesterday or about Pancho paddling over to his wave so he thought he’d light him up with a “Fort Pierce wash down!”

“Guineo” calmed down and gained perspective about life in Nicaragua and shared the waves with “The Godfather.” “The Godfather” was loving that fish today. It was perfect for how the waves were today.

This unknown rider was killing it today. He was riding a small board but whipping it around like nothing. Here he goes with a nice backside hack!  We got more shots of you - check 'em out by clicking on the image above and going to the NSR Surf Shots Galleries.

Here is a nice shot to show you how pretty the waves are here.  It wasn't big, but you can see how fun it was.

Alright, well that’s it for today. We have a solid swell forecasted for the end of this week so stay tuned. Hopefully the wind stays good for the Astillero surf contest this weekend. NSR boys out!!!

As always, click on any of the photos above to go to the NSR Surf Shots photo galleries to see if we got any shots of you!