Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It rained all night and the winds have been swirly. We woke up this morning and did not know what to expect as far a conditions go. As it turned out, the swell dropped off a lot and the winds came onshore early. Evidently, there is a tropical system developing off the coast of Salvador and that is affecting our weather. I hope it's gone by this weekend.

We look around a bit this morning and finally settled on Playa Colorado...and it seemed like everybody else did too. Unfortunately, it was somewhat of a zoo out there and the beginners were taking off on everyone by claiming ignorance. Here is Farrell from SF, getting burned.

Here is mr brown, on his last day...getting burned.

One more wave, one more burn. This is the Viking, getting burned by a BODYSURFER! Yes, Playa Colorado is often a zoo, but people, this isn't how we want to do things down here.

At least one of us got a wave to ourself. This is Farrell again, pulling into a nice one. Good work Farrell!