Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today I got together with a couple of good friends from Philly and Jersey.  They've been coming down for several years and they always score.  The waves were fun, even with the crazy rain we had since last night, running about chest to head high on the bigeer sets, the winds were also a little weird and the lineup was a little busy.  Check it out!!!

All these guys woke up early and headed out to the beach to score some fun surf.  Welcome to paradise boys!

They all were having a blast out there, no matters what.  Hittman and Mike splitting a nice one, one going down and one going up.

We changed from beach breaks to some point breaks during the day.  Jason is caught on this one about to go off the top of this little nugget.

DeacaJimike killed it today on the left.  Dropping in and enjoying the view of this killer peeler.

These boys are having a real good time.  Surfing and eating like big chmaps!  Is anybody hungry?  I do!!!!

Jay Bay looking down the line of this little nugget.  How is the Go-Pro working my friend?

Hittman on the last shot of the day for this crew, taking this one all the way in!  Just a quick and nice massage and you will ready for tomorrow bro.

Having shirts of your own home surf shops, sometimes definitely helps.  Live 2 shred boys!!!

We want to post this cool shot of Jimmy sent in by Surfari Charters Boys.  Lance took the camera out and got this one out of a nice sequence.  Even if he is  not surfing he still get able to get into the barrel-.  Gob job Primo!!!

Our man Carlitos Caliente grabbed his board and paddled out this morning to catch some fun ones.  Setting up? or about to take it on the head?

Toni ZZZZZZ was pulling into some of the bigger waves of the day.  Enjoying the view!

It was nice to see a few guys ripping all over.  Sick round house by and unknown rider!

The last action shot of the day goes to Noa Cocoa styling off on his backside tube ride.  One of the better waves of the day.  Later boys!!!