Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to the weekend surf report with Parker! Guest what?? We still have some waves here! Although, today’s conditions are a little different. Check it out!

Despite the tough wake up, Alex McKendrick got on it early this morning. Continue scrolling through his sequence and see how he contributed to Nicaragua’s rainy season.

Alex, bruh, heaps of turns of turns in this wave mate!! I tease him for his Australian background but I’m secretly really jealous…

I’m also jealous of his rail game. Maybe that’s why he guides for 5 star resorts.

Alex and his wife Rachel have been working at a point break south of us for a few months now. Unfortunately, they’re only in the area for a couple more months until they move onto the next destination.

In a surf report about two months ago, I called out Alex because Rachel was ripping harder than him. Now, I think the tables have turned Rachel…

All good waves eventually come to an end. Luckily for him, he packed a top turn, cutback, and punt before the wave ended. Nice combo bro!!

Alex was hanging out on the northern peak but the southern peak was showing off more size and punch. No takers on this left???

That’s probably because John Gilem was waiting for the next one! It’s good to see you back in town and in the community again, John.

If you don't live in the area, we received a healthy dumping of rain last night! Because the seasons are changing, let’s take a minute to talk about the weather and surf conditions. Now that the rainy season is starting, you can expect light glassy morning winds. By mid day, it will probably come light onshore but it should glass off for a sunset season. Depending on the rainy season, this could let up in a couple weeks or in a month.

Ok, surf conditions too! The swell is on its way out so there should be some fun weekend leftovers. During the next few days, it’ll be small and mellow so keep an eye on the beach breaks. Starting next weekend/week, there should be two solid swells coming in. However, the winds may stay variable so let’s keep an eye on that.

Let’s continue with the local news, shall we? Tonight is the first birthday of Casa Maderas. Check them out for one of the coldest beers in Tola and some spicy salsa dancing. It’ll be a fun fiesta filled with good food and good people so head over that way after sunset for dinner!

And here’s what you should do tomorrow: dinner at Casa Ananas. Men, remember TOMORROW is Mother’s Day!!! If you’re in the local area, treat that awesome mom of yours to a delicious dinner by Tati. And give me a hand figuring how to mail my Mom a Mother’s Day card from Nicaragua to Virginia overnight…

Ok back in the water… the waves are glassy and blue and sets have a good head high size on them. There weren’t a ton of tubes at mid tide but there were plenty of rippable sections to smash.

Or, take the high line. Whatever works for you. Just surf early before those on shores kick in later!!

Ok damas and caballeros, it’s time for Hotsticks to wrap up the report. Guys, remember to treat that mom of yours right tomorrow (she is not allowed to cook, wash dishes, do chores, etc.). We appreciate you guys taking a few minutes to look at today’s shots and have a good rest of the day amigos!