Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! This is Parker logging in to bring you NSR’s Sunday report. Check it out.

First things first, a huge Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms or for the ladies that this day may be hard for. Let’s face it, moms are the backbones fo support and love, there isn't anybody else like them, and they deserve more than one day of gratitude. We hope all the men in your lives treat you right today! Enjoy your day, madres!!

Ok, now onto the less important stuff: the surf. Yes, it’s still fun out there despite the small short period waves. So a bad day here is still a good day if you’re from the East Coast!

The rainy season is underway so the winds are onshore. I woke up early to see what it was doing and it had a messy tinge. By breakfast time, it was clean but I knew the winds would flip by late morning.

In fact, it was actual raining a little bit while I shot morning photos… Keep the rain coming!!! The locals, farms, and wells desperately need it.

Two days in and row and Alex is still making it rain. Check out his photos!

If I remember correctly, yesterday featured a turn, cutback, and an air. Today, he showed off a layback. Will tomorrow be a barrel, bruh?!?

Check out this shot… how much green do you see? After the dry windy season, everything is really brown. Now that the rains are here, the local landscape will turn into a lush green forrest. After living here for a small chunk of time, I can appreciate the rain and onshores too… plus that means it’s time to go fishing!

Despite it being crowded this Sunday morning (25 people), there were tons of waves coming through. Two a frame peaks were working well so everybody was constantly paddling and catching waves.

I know Josh was on it early because he would be hanging with his family and calling his grandparents back home (hey Roy!). Not to pick favorites in our small community buttttt his dad makes one heck of a pizza and his mom is one of the most loving thoughtful ladies around… Enjoy a pizza, dino nugget, and family filled day Josh!

Ok guys and gals, let’s wrap the report up so we can enjoy Mother’s Day! Moms, I hope you have/had a great day and thank you for all your do behind the scenes. Have a good start to the week everybody and stay tuned to the report! Nos vemos amigos.